Life Science Innovation – Trends in Single Cell Analysis #7

Life Science Innovation –  Trends in Single Cell Analysis #7


18. Oktober 2023    
16:00 - 18:00


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Life Science Center Düsseldorf
Merowingerplatz 1, Düsseldorf, 40225


Single Cell Technologies and their Fields of Application (Tumor Cells)

With ‘Trends in Single Cell Analysis #7’ we will continue our event format ‘Life Science Innovation’, which provides insights into innova- tive research topics and current developments in Duesseldorf, NRW and beyond.

This time, we have invited Prof. Leon WMM Terstappen from Twente who will update us on a new technology to isolate single immunomag- netically labelled cells.

Prof. Evi Lianidou will increase our understanding on DNA methylation markers in circulating tumor cells (CTCs). Last, but not least, from the company Menarini, Dr. Nicolò Manaresi will tell us how we can make use of single cell DNA analysis for translational research and clinical applications.

Welcoming speech: Dr. Thomas Heck, Life Science Center Duesseldorf

Prof. Dr. Nikolas Stoecklein, MD, University Hospital Duesseldorf

Moderation: Prof. Dr. Nikolas Stoecklein, MD, University Hospital Duesseldorf

  • A magnetic micro-needle to isolate single immunomagnetically labelled cells
    Leon WMM Terstappen, MD, PhD, University Hospital Duesseldorf, Laboratory of the Dept. of General, Visceral and Pediatric Surgery, Emeritus Professor, Former chair Medical CellBiophysics Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Twente, The Netherlands
  • Moderation: Prof. Dr. Hans Neubauer, PhD, University Hospital Duesseldorf
  • DNA methylation analysis in ctDNA and CTCs:
    discovery of new biomarkers and impact on tumor biology
    Evi Lianidou, PhD, Professor of Analytical Chemistry – Clinical Chemistry, Analysis of Circulating Tumor Cells (ACTC) Lab, Dept of Chemistry, University of Athens, Greece

Moderation: Dr. Dieter Niederacher, PhD, University Hospital Duesseldorf

  • Advances in CTC single-cell genomics for translational research and clinical applications
    Nicolò Manaresi, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, Chief Technology Officer Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, Menarini Silicon Biosystems, Italy

Organizer: LifeScienceNet Duesseldorf and the Liquid Biopsy Center Duesseldorf (LBCD) of the University Hospital Duesseldorf


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